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Welcome to the FreeForm2 eBay Template Builder
for eBay auction and eBay Store item descriptions
IMPORTANT: FreeForm2 is not working properly with the Mozilla FireFox web browser. Please use either Google Chrome or Microsoft Internet Explorer.
As of December 2017 as is required for eBay no "active content" is used and images built into FreeForm2 use HTTPS (secure) addresses. For item descriptions on eBay created prior to December 2017 Use the FreeForm, FreeForm2, and EAPH Hosting HTTP to HTTPS Tool
Welcome / Samples
FreeForm2 automatically produces "Mobile Device Ready" eBay item descriptions. Learn how FreeForm2 makes it easy to fine tune eBay item descriptions for viewing with a mobile device: Mobile-Ready
You're gonna like this!
Most eBay sellers have in common similar goals for their eBay templates, but not exactly the same as everyone else. FreeForm2 is a short cut to achieving your particular goals without having to search through thousands of cookie-cutter templates, then settling for something less than ideal.

FreeForm2's powerful and fun to use design tools provide for creating eBay template layouts that are unique to your selling effort and your business. What you create can be used over and over again very efficiently to produce individual item descriptions.

The design phase starts with loading a "shell" into the FreeForm2 template display area. At which point the Shell Editor tool becomes available to add sections, delete sections, and move them around. Use FreeForm2's other tools to enter text, apply different color schemes and textures, change fonts, adjust text size, and more.

Most of the tools keep the template visible with changes applied instantly. Very "visual".
Your eBay customers will like this too!
An effective eBay template gives eBay shoppers what they expect to see - an informative display of photos and textual description. FreeForm2 provides for eBay template layouts divided into sections with headings to organize and draw attention to the information shoppers are looking for and the features you most want them to see.
Sophisticated Photo Display
Showing any particular item for sale with great photos is a top priority, and FreeForm2 makes available two sophisticated methods for displaying them: Enlarge in Place and Mouseover (rollover) Enlarge. Both methods keep eBay shoppers in the eBay selling page, where they belong.

The Enlarge in Place and Mouseover Enlarge interfaces preserve your settings so different photos go right in without a lot of fuss. If you elect to use Hosting then putting in different photos is all point and click, no copy and paste of URLs. For even greater efficiency with hosting an entire folder of photos can be selected and inserted all at once.

Need to show video? Just upload the video to or another eBay approved video host then paste the "embed" code provided by the host into a "Widget" section. Widget sections can be inserted wherever you want them in your eBay template for display of code from sources other than FreeForm2 itself. Virtually any type of content allowed by eBay can be used in a template created using FreeForm2.
Super Simple Text Editing
Editing textual content is quick and easy. Just click on the section to be edited and up pops the content for editing or replacement via WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get).

Edit Source is also available within each text section so custom HTML from other sources can be pasted in such as a table created with the HTML Table Builder, or Grid & Chart Maker.
Fine Tuning
Many sellers don't necessarily show the same number of photos per item listing and vary the amount of textual description used. Out of the way, but ever present, all the design and template layout tools remain available for fine tuning.

Use the shell editor to move sections from one area to another without having to retype them. Use the "Best Fit" tool to balance column widths to adjust for more or less content in various areas of any given presentation. Even adjust text sizes as necessary without editing each individual section separately.
Use what you create with great efficiency
Being able to use the eBay templates you've designed to produce individual item presentations is what really matters in the long run. That's where FreeForm2 really shines. Save what you have created within FreeForm2 then load it back in later to take advantage of the WYSIWYG interface, photo presentation tools, and any others you need to use for fine tuning.

Quick and easy! No HTML knowledge or HTML editing is needed.
Design Assistance is Available
Save your work in progress using the Save button from the Edit Menu, then write to me,, including your login information. I can then load into FreeForm2 what you have been working on to make adjustments and/or provide any other assistance you desire.

Getting an eBay template set up initially can be challenging if you intend to use your own graphics such as a logo in the header, for section headings, or for backgrounds. FreeForm2 provides for those features but you may need help. I'm especially good at adapting purchased templates and existing website designs for use in FreeForm2. Don't be afraid to ask!

FreeForm2 Samples on eBay's Sandbox* site
All together, viewing the examples below you'll appreciate the flexibility to tailor eBay template layouts based on the amount and type of information to be displayed. The possibilities are virtually endless.

sample button Enlarge in Place Example - The Enlarge in Place method is perfect for showing goodly sized views of photos with the opportunity for eBay shoppers to view them much larger without jumping through hoops. They enlarge within the page and when any enlarged view is showing clicking on it displays the next one. (Used with permission from Lakesen2)

sample button Mouseover (Rollover) Enlarge Example - The Mouseover Enlarge method is perfect for displaying a number of photos within a relatively small amount of space. Surfs Up Fashions is a made up business name. The template layout also shows how custom made graphics and backgrounds can be incorporated into presentations created using FreeForm2.

sample button Inserted Photos Example FreeForm2's text editor provides for inserting photos (and graphics) into what would otherwise be text sections. This presentation shows a gallery of photos in a section at the bottom. (Used with permission from SistersBeads) --

Here's an example of a presentation including display of video hosted at sample button Includes a Video Example (used with permission from pumpkinpatchbabies101, the video is at the bottom of the presentation)

eBay Store owners may opt to display what eBay calls a "listing frame". Provided by eBay the listing frame may include the seller's eBay Store Header across the top of the item description and the seller's eBay Store categories going down the left side of the page. In which case a header within the item description itself may not be appropriate and the item description should remain relatively narrow to fit on the screen along with the store categories.

Here is an example that shows one feature photo at the top followed by others displayed via Mouseover Enlarge. The background texture width will automatically expand and contract to the space eBay reserves for the item description: sample button Narrow Example (you'll need to imagine an eBay provided banner above the item description and eBay Store categories going down the left side)

sample button Multiple Custom Sections Example Most eBay sellers desire to present evidence of their competence and reliability, compel shoppers to remember them for repeat business, etc... FreeForm2 helps to achieve all the goals an eBay seller may have for their item presentations by making it relatively easy to create eBay template layouts with multiple custom titled sections. A well organized eBay template layout with distinctly separated sections is fundamental to effective communication.

*eBay's "sandbox" site is a testing environment provided by eBay for developers. Perfect for showing examples of item descriptions created using FreeForm2 in the context of the eBay selling page.
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